Hey beauties!! This post was meant to be up a while ago, but as usual procastination. Currently I’m in my pre-birthday hyper mood. I always get really hyper about my daythen i start feeling sad eventually, when I realise that I’m getting old. So yeah I’ll be a year older in a few minutes (woohooo!!) 

🗝🗝Product details🗝🗝

☄Brows: davis brow pencil  in ’18’ @zaroncosmetics  foundation  to clean up the brows.                                               ☄Lids: @sleekmakeup Caribbean eyeshadow palette                               ☄Lashes: @redcherrylashes                           Lash glue @duoadhesive brush on glue 


☄Foundation: @zaroncosmetics 
☄Powder:        @classic_makeup_usa  powder palette in “ebony” and “dark”
☄Highlighter: @ABHcosmetics that glow kit 
☄Setting spray:@classic_makeup_usa mist and fix
 ☄Lipstick: @classic_makeup_usa lipstick in “nicki minaj”

Thats it for today beauties!!! If you’ll like to see more of these posts please let me know.

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Hey guys!
So while typing up my last post i decided i was going to share what i learnt a while back while reading online.
I kept searching for it so that delayed this post.

The thing is that every company now calls their sprays setting sprays because thats what sells and also because that’s what people understand.  We all think that seting sprays = setting that makeup and ensuring it goes nowhere. But no baby☝

  • SETTING SPRAYS: basically merges all the layers of your makeup into one. They are fast drying so slipping doesnt occur and it takes away that powdery look every one hates. But baby girl setting sprays dont add to the longetivity of your makeup. It rarely offers any staying power. That’s why most times you’ll notice that after spraying most setting sprays your makeup doesn’t last all day. This is because it’s more of a merging and de-powdering agent. You might notice a little bit of staying power if your foundation slips on a normal day.  They can also be good refreshing sprays. But in my opinion only apply this after makeup unless you’re a badass professional. For example spraying mac fix+ before your makeup application will give you less time to get a flawless base as its more of a setting spray. It’ll be hard to even out. You might notice caking and patching. So try as much as possible to use this after. So stop doing every thing you see on YouTube without actually researching.
  • Examples: mac fix+, classic mist & fix spray.
  • How to identify a setting spray: It  has little or no alcohol in the ingredient list.
  • FACIAL MISTS:                         Example: mario badescu spray.       The function of this is to refresh your skin only. Spraying this after your makeup will offer no staying power and might even ruin your makeup in the long run. I’ve seen a few people doing this. It’s just a terrible idea as most facial mists contain oils. Just imagine spraying a mixture of oils all over your carefully made face. It’s a no-no boo☝
  • FIXING/FINISHING SPRAYS     Example: urban decay all nighter spray. Fixing sprays makes your makeup last longer. This should be the last thing you apply and its great for our weather. 
  • How to identify a fixing/finishing spray: one of the major ingredients for fixing sprays is alcohol.

So try to get this:
The fixing spray majorly locks in the top layer and makes it last longer. So using just the fixing spray is also not doing much for you.

While the setting spray merges all layers of your makeup and takes away that powdery look.  But this also doesn’t add to the longetivity of your makeup.

But the trick is to use both of them! Its better to use a setting spray first to merge all the layers and then use a fixing spray to seal everything.

I’ll try to find the post that actually went into details asap.  

NOTE: Just because it’s called a fixing spray doesn’t mean it fixes your makeup and just because it’s a setting spray doesn’t mean it sets. I know this can be confusing but after a while you’ll get it. Always remember to do your research before buying products and also check the ingredients.
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Hey guys!!

Today I’ll be reviewing a makeup”setting spray” from the classic cosmetics brand. I’ve reviewed a few of their matte lipsticks which you can check out here.
Okay let’s get to it!

PRICE: 1500 naira

This product actually delivers what it promises. I know people that have used it will be like hollup! hollup!! whaaattt??
Don’t worry let me explain the product claims to be a mist and fix spray just like the mac fix plus. The only thing is that they also claimed it is a setting spray to make the name longer and basically because that’s what sells nowadays. Well it can’t do both.

I read an article sometime back that actually explained and showed the difference between fix sprays and setting sprays. Okay I think I should make a detailed post on that. I’m sure it’ll be helpful. 

Basically fix sprays are not setting sprays so anytime you see a product that claims to be a fixing spray and also a setting spray and you’re actually looking for a product to set your beat face and keep it in Place, don’t get it. Okay??! Alright.

This classic mist and fix setting spray actually “fixes” my makeup (not saying it’s a fixing spray!). It takes away that powdery look and actually pulls my look together. That’s what a setting spray does.


  • Takes away the powdery look 
  • Its a very good refreshing spray
  • A cheaper substitute for those expensive facial mists such as the mario badescu one.
  • It’s an excellent setting spray ( I’ll explain this in my next post)


  • I actually feel like it reduces the lasting power of my makeup like there’s usually a difference when I don’t spray it.My makeup lasts longer.

Would I say go for it??

If you’re looking for an affordable mist and spray that’ll take away that powdery look and pull everything together, I’d say go for it. Don’t just expect to get a spray that makes your makeup last all day .

RATE: So I’ll give it 4.5/10.

Why?  Well because of its misleading label. Like please choose one. You can’t  refresh, fix and set at the same time.

So till next time beauties stay beautiful and awesome💋

Have you tried this spray? Did you love it??Have you tried any product from this brand? Any other afforable brand you think i should try out???

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Hey beauties!!! I know it’s been a while since I posted anything but that was due to the fact that I had to go for the NYSC orientation course. That’s a story I will definitely share with you guys soon.
Today I decided to hop on this trend of the currently list/tag. I’ve seen different versions on various blogs and I’ve always wanted to start mine but I never got around to it. I don’t know about you, but i love seeing what people are up to.

This would be a monthly series and It will be dropping every last week of the month. I will basically be doing a monthly roundup. So please be anticipating.

Well currently i am…

Enjoying– my personal space and being able to do things at my pace.

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Hey beautiful people!!!

Is it too late to say happy new year?? Happy new year!!! Forgive my lateness.This year is going to be great i can feel it already.

I decided that this year I would be sharing with you guys looks I create from time to time.

For this look I decided to switch things up a bit and I ended up with the glitter lip. I’m so in love with this glitter lip right now. I just want to keep rocking this everyday.

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2017 I SEE YOU!

Hey people!! Merry Christmas from my heart. I know it’s coming late but forgive.

2017 is almost here oooo like play like play. 2016 went by so fast bit I’m not complaining. Recently I’ve been seeing posts talking about 2016 in general and how it wasn’t a “good” year for anyone. Obviously that was not the case for me because God came through for me this year. Several things fell in place simply because Oluwa was involved.

✔I graduated- 2016

✔I was kept alive and healthy -2016

✔I didn’t lose anyone close to me-2016

✔I was blessed with awesome people who continually inspire and challenge me-2016

✔ I flourished in all aspects of my life-2016

See i can go on and on but let me just stop right there. My 2016 was awesome and I am extremely grateful for my family and friends that i was blessed with. In my own little way im saying thank you Jesus for such a great year.
Looking forward to a better year in 2017 and all the great blessings that will come along with it. How was your 2016 and what are you looking forward to in 2017.


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Hey guys!
I decided to review these matte lipsticks I purchased a while back . I got one some time last year and I actually liked it,so I decided to get some more.
With the way prices keep increasing, we makeup lovers have to always be on the look out for affordable products.   Do I have fellow makeup lovers in the house?? Can I get an amen!!! Sister Joyce took it upon herself to search for these babies just for you. I know I’m such a good person.

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So you know how i was ready to start dropping posts anyhow? The devil now decided to try me.  My phone started “overheating” for no reason I took it down to their office paid money that I didn’t have thinking that the problem was fixed but oh well. Those guys are just frauds I tell you. I’ll be matching back down there to show small werey soon.

I had this post typed up even before my last post and it just disappeared. I probably didn’t save it properly.

Well sorry for the long talk I just had to say something. Let’s get started!!

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                              Hey guys!

Allow me to reintroduce myself✌😎(jokes)

I’ve been on and off for a long time but this time sister Joyce is back and for good.

I’ve tried to reorganise the site a bit to make it more user friendly and responsive. I hope I did an okay job?

I’m starting afresh and you know how it is now!!! There’s just a lot of ginger!! So expect regular posts. I am so excited.

Please pop in regularly, subscribe, follow me on my social media( let’s stalk ourselves ) to keep up with the growth of this blog.

I’m so ready for this journey,woohoo!! 🙅