So you know how i was ready to start dropping posts anyhow? The devil now decided to try me.  My phone started “overheating” for no reason I took it down to their office paid money that I didn’t have thinking that the problem was fixed but oh well. Those guys are just frauds I tell you. I’ll be matching back down there to show small werey soon.

I had this post typed up even before my last post and it just disappeared. I probably didn’t save it properly.

Well sorry for the long talk I just had to say something. Let’s get started!!

So recently I’ve been in search for a good affordable soap to stick to, that’ll give my skin just the right amount of love ( I’m still searching). I wanted to mix up my own black soap but laziness just kicked in then I remembered the good ol’ dudu osun. I used it once while I was still in school and it was good enough. I read a few reviews and went ahead to get it (I probably should have read more).

Now a bit about the soap. It cleanses very well, you’ll probably feel really squeaky clean. It lathers properly, one thing I always look out for in soaps. It has no terrible smell that’ll leave you nauseous like some other black soaps I’ve tried.

Price:I got this soap for just 180 naira. Which is so affordable.

Where to buy: Basically from any beauty shop, store or even the market. It’s quite common.

The soap is made of natural ingredients which is good for people trying to steer clear of harmful products.

✔ It is easy to get. As it’s in almost every store.

✔ I just have to add this again. It lathers (foams) very well.

This soap melts away to easily!! Ah ah why can’t it just take water with its chest properly like its mates. Very annoying.

Solution: Try to store it in a very dry place.

✖ It has this drying effect on the skin. This is why you should read as many reviews as you can before getting any product. I tried to do that but I didn’t see any review that stressed this point. I just randomly bumped into a post by Cassiedaves like a week later  and I was like no wonder. She talked about how the skin on her palms started peeling a bit. I was like God bless you my sister. I stopped using the soap immediately!! Even after I stopped I still had to pay extra attention to it. I’m currently still battling that issue. ( if you have any tips please share)

Well I learnt the hard way  and I had to share.

Solution: Moisturise properly. Massage that cream into your skin properly.

That’s it people. Till next time beauties. Stay fab!!

Have you tried the dudu osun soap? What was your experience?? What soap do you recommend I try out???

I would love to hear from you, please leave a comment below. Thank you!!💋



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