2017 I SEE YOU!

Hey people!! Merry Christmas from my heart. I know it’s coming late but forgive.

2017 is almost here oooo like play like play. 2016 went by so fast bit I’m not complaining. Recently I’ve been seeing posts talking about 2016 in general and how it wasn’t a “good” year for anyone. Obviously that was not the case for me because God came through for me this year. Several things fell in place simply because Oluwa was involved.

✔I graduated- 2016

✔I was kept alive and healthy -2016

✔I didn’t lose anyone close to me-2016

✔I was blessed with awesome people who continually inspire and challenge me-2016

✔ I flourished in all aspects of my life-2016

See i can go on and on but let me just stop right there. My 2016 was awesome and I am extremely grateful for my family and friends that i was blessed with. In my own little way im saying thank you Jesus for such a great year.
Looking forward to a better year in 2017 and all the great blessings that will come along with it. How was your 2016 and what are you looking forward to in 2017.


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