Hey guys!!

Today I’ll be reviewing a makeup”setting spray” from the classic cosmetics brand. I’ve reviewed a few of their matte lipsticks which you can check out here.
Okay let’s get to it!

PRICE: 1500 naira

This product actually delivers what it promises. I know people that have used it will be like hollup! hollup!! whaaattt??
Don’t worry let me explain the product claims to be a mist and fix spray just like the mac fix plus. The only thing is that they also claimed it is a setting spray to make the name longer and basically because that’s what sells nowadays. Well it can’t do both.

I read an article sometime back that actually explained and showed the difference between fix sprays and setting sprays. Okay I think I should make a detailed post on that. I’m sure it’ll be helpful. 

Basically fix sprays are not setting sprays so anytime you see a product that claims to be a fixing spray and also a setting spray and you’re actually looking for a product to set your beat face and keep it in Place, don’t get it. Okay??! Alright.

This classic mist and fix setting spray actually “fixes” my makeup (not saying it’s a fixing spray!). It takes away that powdery look and actually pulls my look together. That’s what a setting spray does.


  • Takes away the powdery look 
  • Its a very good refreshing spray
  • A cheaper substitute for those expensive facial mists such as the mario badescu one.
  • It’s an excellent setting spray ( I’ll explain this in my next post)


  • I actually feel like it reduces the lasting power of my makeup like there’s usually a difference when I don’t spray it.My makeup lasts longer.

Would I say go for it??

If you’re looking for an affordable mist and spray that’ll take away that powdery look and pull everything together, I’d say go for it. Don’t just expect to get a spray that makes your makeup last all day .

RATE: So I’ll give it 4.5/10.

Why?  Well because of its misleading label. Like please choose one. You can’t  refresh, fix and set at the same time.

So till next time beauties stay beautiful and awesome💋

Have you tried this spray? Did you love it??Have you tried any product from this brand? Any other afforable brand you think i should try out???

I would love to hear from you, please leave a comment below. Thank you!!💋



    1. Me too!! I’d suggest you use a setting spray first, then a fixing spray. And your makeup will stay put. Since I started doing that my makeup game changed. I’d be doing a post on that so you’ll know the ingredients to look out for. You’re welcome😚😚


  1. I have this setting spray and it’s more like a setting spray for me to than a fixing spray.
    You should do a detailed post on setting sprays vs. fixing sprays too if you can.
    It reduces the powdery effect on my face, I spray on eye brushes to make eyeshadow pop and it’s good as a base like a primer to hydrate my skin when it’s dry.

    Bookie Kunlere

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