Hey guys!
So while typing up my last post i decided i was going to share what i learnt a while back while reading online.
I kept searching for it so that delayed this post.

The thing is that every company now calls their sprays setting sprays because thats what sells and also because that’s what people understand.  We all think that seting sprays = setting that makeup and ensuring it goes nowhere. But no baby☝

  • SETTING SPRAYS: basically merges all the layers of your makeup into one. They are fast drying so slipping doesnt occur and it takes away that powdery look every one hates. But baby girl setting sprays dont add to the longetivity of your makeup. It rarely offers any staying power. That’s why most times you’ll notice that after spraying most setting sprays your makeup doesn’t last all day. This is because it’s more of a merging and de-powdering agent. You might notice a little bit of staying power if your foundation slips on a normal day.  They can also be good refreshing sprays. But in my opinion only apply this before makeup unless you’re a badass professional. For example spraying mac fix+ before your makeup application will give you less time to get a flawless base as its more of a setting spray. It’ll be hard to even out. You might notice caking and patching. So try as much as possible to use this after. So stop doing every thing you see on YouTube without actually researching.
  • Examples: mac fix+, classic mist & fix spray.
  • How to identify a setting spray: It  has little or no alcohol in the ingredient list.
  • FACIAL MISTS:                         Example: mario badescu spray.       The function of this is to refresh your skin only. Spraying this after your makeup will offer no staying power and might even ruin your makeup in the long run. I’ve seen a few people doing this. It’s just a terrible idea as most facial mists contain oils. Just imagine spraying a mixture of oils all over your carefully made face. It’s a no-no boo☝
  • FIXING/FINISHING SPRAYS     Example: urban decay all nighter spray. Fixing sprays makes your makeup last longer. This should be the last thing you apply and its great for our weather.
  • How to identify a fixing/finishing spray: one of the major ingredients for fixing sprays is alcohol.

So try to get this:
The fixing spray majorly locks in the top layer and makes it last longer. So using just the fixing spray is also not doing much for you.

While the setting spray merges all layers of your makeup and takes away that powdery look.  But this also doesn’t add to the longetivity of your makeup.

But the trick is to use both of them! Its better to use a setting spray first to merge all the layers and then use a fixing spray to seal everything.

I’ll try to find the post that actually went into details asap.

NOTE: Just because it’s called a fixing spray doesn’t mean it fixes your makeup and just because it’s a setting spray doesn’t mean it sets. I know this can be confusing but after a while you’ll get it. Always remember to do your research before buying products and also check the ingredients.
Did you love this post? Would you love to see more informative posts like this one??

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  1. Thanks for this post ma, we appreciate ma lol.
    I still use my Classic Mist & Fix or Mac Fix+ to finish off my makeup (lol guilty) then mattify my face with excess powder left on my face brush.
    Also I think they can be used interchangeably, depending on the look preferred.

    Bookie Kunlere

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    1. Lmaooo😂😂. You’re welcome oo. I’m sure I’ll just be using this tip for clients because I actually just can’t be bothered at times. Yeah that’s actually true!! I should be thanking you oo😚

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  2. This was so educative and I’m glad I randomly came snooping on your blog! Will definitely keep this in mind when I finally save up to get a reliable spray! This is how I would’ve gone to make mistake and buy nonsense

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  3. I’m here again o. I’m just tired of the way the oil on my face disrespects my makeup. I want makeup that water will touch and I won’t be scared of it ruining my white top. It’s good to write helpful posts o, see how you just were the first thing that came to my mind when I was thinking of sprays! I think what I need to invest in is a finishing spray

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Babe you need a bomb primer! Still on the lookout for one. Will definitely share it when i find. Awwww!!! That’s the goal oo!! I just need to put out more content. Yeah you need a good primer and a good finishing spray.

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