Happy new year people!! Late as ever but this time it was not because of procastination or laziness. At first it was because I failed at keeping up with blogmas and then i wanted to feel that zeal. I don’t like to blog because i have to, i always want to blog because i want to. Well i want to! The year 2017 was good but 2018 is going to be far better and i am so ready for the journey ahead. Hope you are? I’ve decided to create some categories around here uno! To give you guys something to look forward to.



The main segment for this blog (The other ones are just jara “extra spice”). I have so many products to review so I’ll be dishing them back to back. I honestly enjoy reviewing products because i never want anyone to waste their hard-earned cool caaaassh on products that are not even worth it. And for products that are worth it, i want every girl out there to know!!


Who better to bring this to you than me? I mean!! I always find the best for less. Overtime I’ve come perfect this skill that works pretty well and I’ll be dropping my gems here.


Since i have no youtube channel (for now!) I’ll be sharing with you guys my fave tips, products and application techniques for beginners. And yes you’ll be getting these gems from a professional makeup artist (if you know, you know!)


Here I’ll be sharing my hot looks ( you know because mans quite hot)


Just because shopping is therapeutic and i want you all to feel like you’re part of it.



I don’t know if I’m alone in this but i tend to map out how i spend my salary and i usually have some funds set aside for getting some new items for myself ( at least once in a while). I usually do proper research on most of them so you’ll be sure that anything that makes it to this list can be a must buy.

○DIY 101

I’m not so much of a diy person but I’m definitely a cheapskate( yes oh i don’t even hide it at all) lmaoo but yes if i feel i can do it myself and do it well. Sister joyce would be paying nobody.


Movies i feel are worth seeing. I have one coming up late as well but better now than ever. I’m a bit partial to nigerian movies though. So you might see more of that.

○ICYMI (IN CASE YOU MISSED IT) Monthly roundup of recent posts worth seeing so that those who missed them can keep up.


Someone might hiss and say aunty no one wants to keep up with you. That’s fine hunnay but whether you like it or not you will, okay?! Under this segment I’ll be sharing monthly updates including products I’m currently loving, shows I’m loving, you know hot things like that. So you better keep up with me.


Yes this needs its own category. I’ll like to look back on my posts and see my journey. So I’ll love to share this experience with you all. Coming a bit late but better now than never. I’ll be sharing how to prepare for camp, my camp experience in details and also the remaining parts of my nysc year. So because of life and all, i would be dropping a post a week. Thats the most realistic thing right now. On a good week, two posts per week. That way I’ll be able to put out quality content that you’ll love hopefully.

So i hope someone is excited for everything coming up on the blog! Looking forward to creating quality content for you all! I would love to hear from you, please leave a comment below.

Thank you!!💋

Please make sure you follow me on Instagram: @dace_beauty

Twitter: @kome_daniels

Snapchat: @komedaniels



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