Hey guys! How’s your day going?

I’m so glad i can finally share what I’ve been working on forever!

I recently launched by beauty subscription box business. Where you subscribe and get themed boxes monthly. This box is focused on promoting african brands only! So if you’re a brand owner and would love to feature your products, hit me up!

Every month you get 4-6 items when you subscribe, to help you slay through the month. These products are selected carefully to meet your beauty needs. At the moment subscribers can’t select the products they’ll like per month. But can suggest products they’ll like to try out in the coming month and can also het a preview of the items for that month.

I started this business for my fellow beauty junkies. Different brands and products keep popping up each day, and it can honestly get really overwhelming.

How do you know what product is what your money?

How do you know what products to try out?

How do you save yourself the stress?

Thats where SLAYY BOX comes in.

I wanted to create a platform beauty junkies could trust. Where they could get products that are worth their money and also at discounted rates.

Who can beat that really? You not only get must-have products, you also get them at discounted rates!

I’m grateful to everyone thaf helped me get to this point and to everyone who has placed an order so far.

This box would make the perfect gift for yourself or someone special( your boo, your sister, mother, wife).

If you’re looking for the perfect inexpensive gift, look no further.

PRICE: N9500

Please follow my new business page: @slayybox on Instagram and Twitter.

Don’t forget to follow me too: @dacebeauty on instagram.



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